FSC Responds to Allegations of HIV-Positive Actor Sleeping With Adult Performers

FSC Responds to Allegations of HIV-Positive Actor Sleeping With Adult Performers
Alejandro Freixes

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition told XBIZ that no adult performers have tested positive for HIV in their industry testing system, despite allegations by an unnamed adult film actress that 50 performers had sex with an HIV-positive Hollywood actor.

The FSC was responding to the Daily Mail Online's exclusive interview with an unnamed 27-year-old blonde adult film actress, who claimed she had sex with a well-known Hollywood actor.

The actress also alleged that the unspecified actor is HIV-positive and has slept with 50 adult film performers and transsexuals, four of whom she believes left the industry due to HIV infection.

"As far as we're aware, this is just tabloid rumor," FSC CEO Diane Duke said. "No adult performers in the industry's PASS testing system have tested positive."

The FSC manages the Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS), an organization that maintains sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing results for adult film performers, to prevent the spread of STIs.

"Thanks to the FSC and PASS, adult performers are tested every two weeks for a full slate of STIs, including HIV, making them among the most tested and aware populations on the planet," added Duke. "When it comes to HIV, we don't deal with rumors, we deal in facts.

"Our sympathy goes to the woman who has to face an unintended pregnancy due to condom failure," she continued. "In this scenario, it is the mainstream actors, who do not regularly test, who would be at the greatest risk, not adult performers."