Penthouse Branded Wines and Spirits Launch in California

Penthouse Branded Wines and Spirits Launch in California
LOS ANGELES — Penthouse trademarks owner General Media Communications, in collaboration with Inland Beverage, announced today that Penthouse branded wines and spirits will now be available for purchase in California.
Morandell Imports, a Southern California distributor, will be handling sales for both the Penthouse Wines and the Penthouse Spirits. Morandell Imports services the entire state of California from San Diego to San Francisco, with an emphasis on imported products from Europe and South Africa.
"Morandell Imports has an appreciation for quality beverages, which makes them an ideal representative for the Penthouse Wines and Spirits," said Amanda Byrd, director of global licensing for Penthouse. "Our products are superior in flavor and packaging and we know Morandell Imports will convey this to their customers."
Penthouse Spirits are handcrafted and bottled in a Holland distillery. The collection includes Dutch vodka, Canadian whisky, Whiskey Tequila Fusion and Libido Libations, which are cherry-flavored vodkas custom formulated for males and females.
The Penthouse Wines have been constructed using grapes from vineyards in California and Australia. The collection includes “The Scarlet” Sparkling Shiraz, “The Blonde” Sparkling Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.
As part of the launch campaign in Southern California, liquor stores who place orders for a specific dollar amount will be given the opportunity for a Penthouse Pet to make an appearance at their location to take pictures and sign autographs. The first appearance will take place in Glendale, Calif. at Remedy Liquor Store.
For more information about the products or to find a nearby store, email Carl Morandell at