Too Much Media Launches NATS for Networks

Too Much Media Launches NATS for Networks

MORGANVILLE, N.J. — Too Much Media has announced the official product launch of their NATS for Networks software solution.

The platform offers network owners, affiliates and advertisers various management tools and customizable data analytics to make business decisions ranging from creative to reporting. 

"In today’s climate, real-time, robust reporting and the ability to track a multitude of metrics defined by your team can be the difference in the failure or success of any company,” said John M., director of sales and marketing. "This platform is a game changer. I’m confident in saying NATS for Networks stands at the top of the industry with its comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities."

NATS for Networks also provides a flexible transaction model that allows admins to dictate the flow of reporting throughout the different steps of the conversion process. Data can be broken down in different ways such as offers, landing pages, URLs, regions, customizable SubID parameters and device types. 

The platform's attribution tracking and metrics can be incorporated into digital marketing spending, with overall SaaS scalability and control over how information is reported, generated and exported. Global support is offered 24/7 for the software.

A demo of NATS for Networks can be scheduled here.