MiKandi Interviews Adult Comic Artist Cyberunique

MiKandi Interviews Adult Comic Artist Cyberunique

SEATTLE — MiKandi recently interviewed adult comic artist Cyberunique, whose works include the digital comics "Naughty Medicine" and "Power of Youth," as well as hardcore parodies of video games and anime. 

The self-taught artist developed a passion for creating erotic artwork from watching Japanese animation films like "Ninja Scroll" and "Cowboy Bebop." Influential artists he admires include Kotoyoshi Yumisuke, Koutarou With T, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.

His erotic parody characters are drawn from a wide variety of sources ranging from the "Street Fighter" video game series to the "Deadman Wonderland" manga. He tends to prefer strong female characters like Tsunade from "Naruto" and Kiwako Flügel Makina from "Deadman Wonderland."

"For software, I use Manga Studio and Photoshop," Cyberunique said. "For hardware, I’ve got a 21-inch Cintiq that I draw all my work on. I use three 27-inch additional monitors to browse the net, watch YouTube, look at references and livestream while I draw, for a total of four monitors. This is all done on a Windows computer that I run Windows 8.1 and Macintosh OS X Lion on."

Cyberunique is working on more comics and possibly a new mini animation for his upcoming projects. To follow him, visit HentaiFoundry, and to support his adult content, go to Patreon