Adnium Offers Mobile Targeting, White and Black Lists for CPMv

Adnium Offers Mobile Targeting, White and Black Lists for CPMv

TORONTO — Adnium has announced its offering of mobile targeting tools, along with white and black listings and day parting for CPMv traffic.

According to Adnium’s Luke Hazlewood, the traffic you buy is only as good as the number of people from the right audience who actually see it, with the advantages of CPMv being better traffic and better information about that traffic in a shorter amount of time.

“The next obvious goal is to include the kinds of fine-tuning options that savvy advertisers need, to be able to refine their publisher and page selection,” Hazlewood explains. “With white lists and black lists, it’s as easy as choosing the sites on your white list where you want your ads to show, and listing the sites that underperform on a black list to exclude them from future ad buys. Then filter even further with day parting by time of day and more.”

“With CPMv technology and these new traffic filters at your fingertips, you finally have full control to bid on that traffic, and that traffic alone, or to cherry-pick specific sources and exclude other sources by simply blacklisting each of them,” Hazlewood adds. “For run of network campaigns, it becomes important to also keep in mind that Adnium has a sites tab on [its] stats page, and with the click of a button, [users] can easily exclude sources that are not converting for their offer to significantly increase the overall ROI of any campaign.”

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