Video: Kimberly Kane Tours Doc Johnson Factory for Vice

Video: Kimberly Kane Tours Doc Johnson Factory for Vice

NORTH HOLLYWOOD — Adult star Kimberly Kane recently took a walk-through tour of Doc Johnson Industries’ North Hollywood facility, the largest sex toy factory in the U.S., to learn about the ins and outs of flavored pleasure products.

Kane shot a video for Vice’s Muchies website, which focuses on all sort of edible products and the stories behind them, for a piece titled “Sex + Food: Edible Intimates.”

In the video, Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s COO, first briefed Kane on the history of the company that is now approaching 40 years as a driving force in the adult novelty business, and later showed off the company’s mammoth factory and its scores of workers assembling dildos and pocket pussies, who paint and perfect the rubbery pussy lips and penises down to the slightest details.

“The thing that I don’t think people really understand is how much hand detail goes into these items,” Braverman told Kane, while describing the factory as the “Willy Wonka of the sex toy industry.”

To show the scale of Doc Johnson’s enterprise, Braverman noted that the factory pumps out nearly 15,000 pocket pussies across all of the various categories each day.

But Kane was on a mission to find out about Doc Johnson’s edible products, including those from its Candi Land line.

Tasting a glide, Kane remarked, “So this is what Santa’s cock would taste like.”

Kane later was brought over to Tim Crawford’s chemistry lab. Crawford is the longtime company scientific director.

“So this is where all the magic happens,” Kane quips.

In the lab, Kane checks out some proposed new flavors injected into body spray and icing lines — flavors that include chocolate (for body paint), bacon lube and passion fruit (for glides).

One flavor had Kane seriously wondering about. “You know, peppermint lube shouldn’t be used for anal,” she said.

But she asked about another flavor that isn’t on Doc Johnson’s menu of products, and later asked for a custom batch of Cool Ranch Dorito lube.

“I would love cool ranch all over my tits,” she remarked.

Later, after receiving a batch, Kane said: “Yep, it tastes like Cool Ranch Dorito lube.”

The video can be seen here.