‘Switch’ Makes Android Debut on MiKandi Adult App Store

‘Switch’ Makes Android Debut on MiKandi Adult App Store

SEATTLE — Leading adult app store MiKandi.com has announced the addition of “Switch” creator Reinbach to its growing library of renowned comic artists.

Reinbach is a full time artist who specializes in smutty comics and sexy fan art illustrations, who listens to Joe Bonamassa and the blues in general, with his interests including collecting retro video games — and being drunk while playing them.

The acquisition occurs on the heels of this summer’s earlier launch of adult comics at MiKandi, with the company now thrilled to share the work of Reinbach with its Android customers around the world.

MiKandi serves more than 6 million customers worldwide and is home to more than 11,000 adult apps, porn games, adult comics, e-books and HD videos, including popular adult games Fap Ninja, 8 Bit Dick, and Squirt Alert.

Adult studios, app developers, artists, and game creators can register for free.

According to MiKandi co-founder and Reinbach fan Jennifer McEwen, “Switch” is the story of a fiery teen who initiates an unlikely affair as part of her grand scheme to achieve her every physical desire — no matter what it costs anyone in her way.

“Reinbach’s deviously sexy story and raw, gritty artistic style hooked me after reading just one page,” says McEwen. “Now that ‘Switch’ is available in MiKandi, our customers can get hooked on this adult comic series, too.”

MiKandi currently offers fans “Switch” chapters one, two, three and four, as well as an interview with Reinbach on the MiKandi blog.

For more information, visit MiKandi.com.