ClickCash Affiliate Program Turns 19

ClickCash Affiliate Program Turns 19

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The web’s first adult affiliate program,, was launched 19 years ago today.

With its launch in 1996, ClickCash ushered in nearly two decades of new and innovative affiliate programs.

And in this time, ClickCash has thrived, said Stacy Michelle,’s affiliate manager.

“This month, ClickCash grew to over 232,000 affiliates worldwide, promoting a diverse range of content across our affiliate network,” she said. “The large variety of payout programs and promo tools that our affiliates enjoy today was not something we could have imagined in the 1990s.” began with a single-payout program paying affiliates two cents per click.

It has grown to seven distinct payout programs, attracting new affiliates and advertising networks and including volume bonuses, paid email leads and trackback pixels.

ClickCash also provides WordPress plugins, dynamic data feeds, URL shorteners, and “smart” self-optimizing promos that are responsive to device types and user behavior.

Recently ClickCash revamped their mobile site for universal access. It migrated thousands of Flash ads to HTML5 technology, which can reach users across all browsers and platforms.

“When ClickCash started, we made it our mission to help webmasters and affiliates monetize the web,” Michelle said. “That mission hasn’t changed a bit.

By 1997 ClickCash was growing steadily -— with more than 6,000 affiliates posting banners and total payouts averaging $25,000 to $40,000 per week.

“Times have changed but new opportunities exist. Today’s reality requires new tools. Adobe Flash is on its last legs. Redirects are risky and ad blockers are on the rise. But ClickCash continues to innovate and embrace change,” Michelle said.

To inquire about affiliate opportunities, contact Stacy Michelle at (561) 656-0670. Her Skype name is ClickCash-Stacy.