Flirt4Free Launches Chat Interface for Membership Shows

Flirt4Free Launches Chat Interface for Membership Shows

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — Webcam powerhouse Flirt4Free has announced the release of a new tool for affiliates and performers, intended to add a fresh dimension to membership shows.

According to the company, it has been working with cam industry veteran Dan Hogue over the past six months, to build what it calls “the ideal answer to how to maximize income with members shows.”

“We’ve had numerous performers and affiliates come to us over the years looking for a way to make their shows more dynamic and to have it built seamlessly into their site,” shares Flirt4Free’s Director of Product, Jamie Rodriguez. “We decided to not just build a quick answer but to make something with Dan Hogue’s guidance that would set a new standard for members shows.”

Rodriguez explains that the Members Show Plugin that came out as a result of this collaboration is capable of giving members the ability to tip during free shows, share social links, see other network shows, and to feel like the members’ shows are as fully functional as a normal Flirt4Free chatroom but with extras.

The team also focused on making the interface for performers and studios customizable, so that its look, feel and integration are as user friendly as possible.

“I am very excited to see an effective plug-in that works for the performers as much as the cam network. This was truly designed with the performers in mind,” says Hogue. “To have worked with a competent and devoted team focused on that goal has been a pleasure.”

“This tool will mean more exposure, more traffic and more cash for performers,” Hogue added.

Performers who use this new plugin for their members’ shows will be featured in a space four times the size of a normal image on Flirt4Free’s homepage, and be given additional exposure for their site within the Flirt4Free network.

“Flirt4Free wanted to make the tool not just be another option for doing members shows, but create a solution that gives new revenue streams and creates new fans as well,” Rodriguez reveals. “Whether you’re a porn star, cam model with a solo site, or content producer with scheduled shows of your stars, we wanted to find a way to give you a customizable tool for meeting fan needs and increasing visibility.”

Fans get a special font color and access to other network shows for free, while affiliates benefit by being able to promote these shows, widening a performer’s reach in addition to the promotion on Flirt4Free.

“We’ve always been very focused on providing quality, and this Members Show Plugin tool is no different,” Rodriguez concludes. “Our careful investigation of what’s on the market now with Dan Hogue’s help and what models and studios still need gave us the roadmap for our plugin and a product we’re excited to see models and studios find success with at Flirt4Free.”

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