DIMOCO Reports on European Adult Digital Content

DIMOCO Reports on European Adult Digital Content

BRUNN am GEBIRGE/VIENNA, Austria — DIMOCO has released another carrier billing industry special report, this time analyzing the European adult digital content industry.

The company reported that the sector is expected to increase from 1.7 billion to 1.8 billion euros by 2019 by virtue of billing digital content via mobile network carrier billing. The method helps to increase conversion rates up to 60 percent in comparison to credit card billing.

“Adult digital content purchases are often higher in value and typically subscription-based,” CEO Gerald Tauchner said. “DIMOCO Carrier Billing enables the industry to profit from an attractive payment option, making their businesses even more successful.”

Jumiper Research, a partner on the study, reported that 306.8 million euros will be paid via carrier billing in 2019. Billing trends include subscriptions on multiple screens and easy one-click payment.

“With an increasing number of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, the digital adult content industry is looking for a payment option which is available for multiple screens,” Tauchner said.

DIMOCO noted that in order to provide a seamless payment experience, it has adjusted for all digital channels and can be used for one-off as well as for subscription services. The amount is  charged to the customer’s mobile phone account, either to the monthly phone bill or as a debit from prepaid credit.

Carrier billing does not require registration, which makes it an attractive payment option for the digital adult content industry, especially from an anonymity perspective, according to DIMOCO.

The report's full infographic can be seen here.