JuicyAds Extends ‘Sexy Summer Promotion’

JuicyAds Extends ‘Sexy Summer Promotion’

TORONTO — JuicyAds said today that it is extending its “Sexy Summer Promotion” to coincide with the official launch of both whitelist and blacklist campaigns available across its entire platform.

The targeting feature is available on JuicyAds for banners, mobile and pops, and the advertising network is offering a lucrative discount for advertisers.

JuicyAds is reducing the minimum bid by up to 30 percent on Tier1 CPM banner campaigns (including the U.S., U.K. and Canada) and offering a similar discount on Tier2 countries including most of Europe.

The offer was to close on Sept. 22, but JuicyAds today announced it would continue the promotion until Oct. 31 due to how well it’s been received by advertisers.

"We offer competitive prices every day, so this is a rare opportunity for our Advertisers," said Juicy Jay, CEO and founder of JuicyAds.com "The demand for our traffic is high and in our company history we have not offered an opportunity like this.

“We felt it was time to celebrate summer as we are fast-approaching our 10th anniversary of being Juicy."

The whitelist feature is hardly new at JuicyAds — mobile and pop campaign traffic types have allowed whitelist and blacklist campaigns for well over a year.

Whitelist capability for banners (previously known as "Juicy Select") was quietly rolled out for beta testing in March and is now available for all clients. It is just one of many in a series of features that have been added recently to the network.

Blacklist campaigns (allowing Advertisers to block sources that simply do not convert for their offer) have always been default at JuicyAds and available on all campaign types.

It allows for the maximum flow of traffic from thousands of websites in the entire JuicyAds network.

Whitelist campaigns are the opposite, allowing advertisers full control to select only the websites and ad zones they wish to allow into their campaigns. It also avoids a successful campaign from becoming polluted by unwanted new sources.

"Results and stability is what we strive to achieve for our clients," Jay said. "The new whitelist campaigns work very well in tandem with Blacklist campaigns. By giving clients a lower blacklist rate allows more room for error when testing new traffic sources coming into our network on a daily basis. Sources that test well can be then added to a whitelist campaign."

The discount is available on all CPM blacklist banner campaigns until Oct. 31.

The company will be in attendance in Europe at XBIZ Summit in London, The European Summit in Prague and Webmaster Access in Amsterdam.