'OstinatO' Mobile App to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Unknown Desire, Inc. is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Oct. 20 for OstinatO, a mobile app that connects online partners anonymously for erotic play.

The creators said users search for partners and interact via text or voice messages while motions are animated on the mobile screen.

“We are not offering the public merely interactive sex toys but an erotic experience addressing psychological play,” founder Danz Chase said.

He added, “The idea behind OstinatO is to turn self-pleasure into mutual-pleasure. Without being physically present, people share secrets and create fantasies. We are feverishly finishing the final testing of both our patented hardware and software. OstinatO is primarily and idea, not a product. It is about more than funding. We rely on the support of people who are interested in using technology to re-imagine self-pleasure as mutual pleasure. Its success depends on the pioneering spirit of supporters who see its potential."

The company is seeking $200,000 to scale up its manufacturing capability. It also wants to build a network of backers who will serve as Beta testers.

For more information, email contact@unknowndesire.com.