ElectricDistro Accepting Pre-Orders for XXXtra Girth Extenders

ElectricDistro Accepting Pre-Orders for XXXtra Girth Extenders

NEW YORK — Hustler Toys’ newest range for men, XXXtra Girth Extenders, will begin shipping to retailers and distributors at the end of October, with pre-orders now available from ElectricDistro.com.

According to the company, XXX Girth Extenders allow men to instantly add two, three or four inches to their penis size.

As with other collections under the Hustler Toys brand, customers can expect high quality and top performance at a low price.

All three sizes of Hustler Toys’ XXXtra Girth Extenders are offered for the wholesale price of $18 each.

“Hustler Toys’ XXXtra Girth Extenders grants men with the length that they’ve always desired so that they can experience sex like the well-endowed male performers we see in hot porn movies,” explains a company rep. “Available in three sizes: 2,” 3” and 4,” men can choose the perfect size for them and their partners.”

XXXtra Girth Extenders are designed to be worn during intercourse and feature dual materials in the tip to provide a soft yet firm texture that’s perfect for penetration. XXXtra Girth Extenders are perfect for role-playing scenarios and are phthalate-free, waterproof and easy to clean for multiple uses.

Each XXXtra Girth Extender is customizable with a base that can be trimmed to obtain a desired size.

“Hustler Toys’ XXXtra Girth Extenders are the perfect alternative to penis enlargement surgery or supplements,” the rep adds. “[This] allows men to get the size they’ve always wanted without compromising their health.”

For more information, visit ElectricDistro.com.