NakedSword, Team for 2nd Episode of ‘Biggest Catch’

NakedSword, Team for 2nd Episode of ‘Biggest Catch’
Rhett Pardon

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals and have teamed to offer the second episode of gay sex comedy “Biggest Catch,” a new lighthearted feature shot on location in San Francisco and written and directed by mr. Pam.

“This week the boys continue their quest for the richest and hottest daddy before they are on a one way bus headed back to Vegas,” a publicist said. “Determined to stay in San Francisco, NakedSword Exclusive Killian James is doing everything he can to land himself a rich daddy to support his lifestyle in his new city.

“He's more determined than ever to find his own millionaire after JD struck gold last week in Episode No. 1. Killian ends up eavesdropping on sexy straight muscular businessman Casey More's phone call as he's discussing some big-money deal and Killian convinces the out-of-town daddy he needs a "personal assistant."

“Like any good assistant Killian gets right down to business, worshiping Casey’s ripped body. Casey bends Killian over and works him until he's ready to blow and then Killian gets on his knees to taste boss man's sweet load ... and the deal is sealed, Killian's hired.”

mr. Pam, NakedSword Originals’ contract director, said: “This episode is amazing and the sex scene between Killian and Casey is one of my favorites from the shoot. This is the scene that caused a lot of controversy because while we were shooting one of the owners of the location we booked came in and made us stop.

“So we had to switch locations in the middle of shooting because of this crazy guy who didn't like gay people. The whole thing made everyone's adrenaline really kick in and the guys delivered a phenomenal performance in part because they were fueled with frustration and anger over this crazy guy who kicked us out. We finished the scene in the backyard of a friend's beautiful Victorian house in the Castro and the scene ended up being fantastic!"