OrbitalPay's 'Cartwheels' Charity Campaign on Track to Exceed Goals

TORRANCE, Calif. — When OrbitalPay CEO Steve Bryson introduced the Cartwheels of Compassion campaign in June with the help of Never Forgotten Foundation, the goal was to generate desperately needed funds for five important charitable organizations.

So far the efforts of all of those that have contributed means that the campaign is already on target to exceed its initial goals. Now as the summer sets in, Bryson is setting his sights even higher and OrbitalPay is aiming to build momentum and even more Cartwheel compassion before the campaign reaches its conclusion on Aug. 31, 2015.

The Never Forgotten Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and 100 percent of the money generated by your cartwheel contributions goes to the five charities being sponsored by this event: Breast Cancer Research, Veteran Aid, Curing Childhood Leukemia, Drug Abuse Prevention, and Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence.

“We’re head over heels about the response that the Cartwheels of Compassion Campaign has already received from so many caring people," Bryson said. “Now as we get into the home stretch and our goals are already in sight, we want to see how much more we can do to help these important organizations as they devote their time and effort to such worthy causes.

"If you think a cartwheel is hard to do, take a closer look at the hard work these great people are doing every day by visiting neverforgotenfoundation.org/cartwheels.php to learn more, and I’m sure you’ll agree that their passion and our compassion can go a long way toward improving the lives of millions of people in need.”