RabbitsReviews Acquires TheBestPorn.com, PornUsers.com

MONTREAL – RabbitsReviews.com today said it has acquired TheBestPorn.com in a move that creates a dominant player in the adult paysite review market.

The two review portals will continue to be run separately under RabbitsReviews' management, according to said Mantas M., RabbitsReviews’ president and founder.

The deal also includes the acquisition of PornUsers.com, a site where consumers get to review and rate sites.

TheBestPorn and PornUsers are subsidiaries of Ranks.com Inc. which was founded in 2000 by Rick Moby. TheBestPorn and PornUsers are among the largest review sites, with more than 13,000 sites listed and 3,100 reviews.

RabbitsReviews is a widely read adult review site with about 2 million readers per month, the company said. It has been in business since 2003 and employs close to 20 full-time employees.

"I'm very excited by the opportunity to operate one of the most innovative sites in the adult industry," said Mantas M. "TheBestPorn's team has done a phenomenal job of building a product that has unparalleled breadth and depth of information. Their approach, philosophy, and innovative features became the standard for most review sites.

“Given RabbitsReviews strengths in SEO, traffic acquisition, marketing and website optimization, I am confident that TheBestPorn's future has never looked brighter. It's an honor to be able to continue this amazing legacy. I feel confident that both online adult content consumers and producers will reap benefits from this deal."

Rick Moby, the founder of TheBestPorn and PornUsers, said, "With over a decade under our belt in the review space, it's finally time to move on. It's like sending your grown children off to college. Rabbit has been our top competitor and a great friend now for many years.

“The money to fund MyPorn's future is our primary motivation, of course, but a close second is the passion Rabbit exhibits to see TheBestPorn thrive and succeed beyond our current limitations. We can now focus 100 percent of our time and efforts on our latest venture, MyPorn.com, plus our mainstream projects, EmojiOne.com and Emoji.codes."