Vuier Pro Offers New Suite of Features on Video Platform

John Sanford

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — The streaming video team at Vuier on Wednesday announced the launch of a "powerful" new suite of tools called Vuier Pro.

Vuier recently introduced its video distribution platform that is free for anyone seeking to monetize videos with its user-friendly, pay-per-view interface.

After trying the Vuier platform out for free, clients may upgrade their service for a small subscription fee to include full 1080p HD encoding, the removal of all Vuier branding from the video player, a comprehensive analytics dashboard with rich data insights that allow users to fully optimize each video they publish while learning from all of the available viewer metrics and more.

Vuier Pro customers can also create Talent Sub-Accounts to manage the accounts of their own content partners from one central back-end. There is “Concierge Onboarding” available upon request for anyone seeing to upload videos in bulk via fast FTP with VIP support from the Vuier video experts.

“We have been asked a few times how we are able to offer such a great product absolutely free," said Brick R. of

“The answer is simple. We believe in what we offer and trust that our free clients will see the value of the additional benefits Vuier Pro includes. You really can use Vuier absolutely free, and you don’t have to pay us a single dime, but we encourage users to be honest with themselves about the incentives of upgrading.

"Once they see how amazing our platform is, upgrading to Vuier Pro will amp up your earnings even more!”??

Vuier said if users are still stuck in the 1990s and think they can earn top dollar by limiting their content distribution to "an out-of-date paysite membership model, you are leaving way too much money on the table."

"Modern customers demand the kind of velocity and value that Vuier video on demand allows them, and smart business owners are monetizing their content in a much more efficient manner than ever before simply by utilizing the tools Vuier Pro provides," according to Vuier.

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