'Vanity by JOPEN' Cameos on HBO 'Silicon Valley' Series

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — JOPEN’s Vanity by JOPEN Vr10 rabbit style vibe made a cameo appearance on the HBO series “Silicon Valley,” the company announced.

In episode seven of the show's second seaon, the Vr10 rotates and vibrates showing its functionality to viewers at an Adult 2.0 Conference where character Molly Kendall shares some insight on the adult business. She tells her audience that adult is always leading the way and shares a look into the future.

“We are delighted the Vr10 made an appearance on ‘Silicon Valley.’ Vanity is the pinnacle collection for JOPEN. We are honored that HBO featured this product in action with its rotating shaft,” CEO Susan Colvin said.

Vanity by JOPEN is a collection of luxury intimate accessories that are rechargeable, quiet, powered by PowerBullet and made of seamless silicone.

The Vr10 has a vibrating shaft, vibrating teaser and rotating shaft with triple motors, incremental speed controls and synchronous vibrations with independent rotation. It's water resistant and comes with a power adapter for a four hour charge.

“I loved seeing the Vanity Vr10 on ‘Silicon Valley.’ It is a super-premium pleasure product that deserves to be center stage. It rotates, vibrates, is rechargeable and is made of premium silicone that maintains and retains body heat,” brand manager Robin Stewart said.