Danish Man Tries Penis Posters in Bid to Win Election

Rhett Pardon

COPENHAGEN — For John Erik Wagner, the only way to win an election for the office of prime minister of Denmark was to bare all and be as transparent as possible.

That’s why the 52-year-old Copenhagener decided to get the word out about his campaign for prime minister with penis posters pasted up all over town.

In an era that sees the mainstreaming of porn, Wagner is scene in the penis posters scattered around Copenhagen wearing nothing but a cowboy hat, a gun holster and an exposed flaccid penis.

The penis posters say, “Vote for Wagner, it benefits.”

Wagner, an independent candidate in the election, has been running in parliamentary, local and regional elections for a decade.

“People seem to like them, and most Danes are OK with nudity,” Wagner says. “I’ve been trying to get elected for 10 years now, and this is my third election, so I thought I’d try something different.”