Trans500 Launches

LOS ANGELES — Trans500 has added another site to its umbrella of trans niche sites,

With such sites as, and, now members will be able to see all the work it takes to deliver these scenes.

Whether it's watching the photos being taken, makeup getting done, candid Interviews, models having lunch, or prepping for a scene, the new site will feature inclusive access to Trans500.

"Behind Trans500 is just a little something extra we wanted to offer to our loyal members giving them a chance to see a more candid side of their favorite star as well as their on-camera performance," Trans 500 producer Josh Stone said. "I've understood through my years of doing this that sometimes you get the best footage when your mentally just fooling around and not completely in work mode.

"We're gonna add this to our weekly update schedule and I'm sure the fans will appreciate what we've been able to put together here."