Domain Ordered Transferred to

LAS VEGAS — The company that operates adult tube site has won approval to take over another domain name that was too similar to its own.

This time, NKL Associates S.R.O., the Czech Republic-based company that has trademarks for the brand, scooped up, which has operated as an adult tube site for at least two years.

A WIPO arbitrator this week ruled for NKL Associates in the case brought on by its counsel, industry attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group. The arbitrator ruled the domain was “confusingly similar” to the domain and copyrighted brand.

In the past two years,, as well as sister company, has filed scores of cases against copycat adult tube sites. In nearly all of the cases, NKL Associates has succeeded before WIPO arbitrators, later benefiting by taking over and re-branding the transferred sites.

In those two years, NKL Associates has been awarded the domains,,,,,,,, and now