CamBuilder Adds New, Improved Stats for Affiliates

SEATTLE — Streamate, an industry leader in the live webcam market, is putting a lot of efforts into improving the stats provided to affiliates through its affiliate program Cambuilder. Now affiliates can see many new stats that help them optimize their conversion and retention.

Cambuilder recently added many new and interesting statistics to its reporting portfolio, the company said. On top of the regular stats like revenue, joins and spenders, there’s a whole new list of stats available for Cambuilder affiliates.

Yuval Kijel from Cambuilder remarked, “Our affiliates can now see many new stats. Amongst those are stats divided by country, stats divided by platform, stats per processor and user value stats.”

The User Value report is crucial for affiliates as it can help them learn more about their expected revenue on the long run, and understand the spending patterns of their users.

“We provide affiliates with stats that no other webcam company will provide them," Kijel said. "Cambuilder affiliates can see when their users spend money, how much they spend and what is their expected users value based on spending patterns. That is highly important when you want to plan your budget and know what to expect from your cam partner.”

The GEO report shows affiliates what is the origin country of their joins, spenders and revenue for all promo tools or specific promo tools with tracking ID’s. It allows affiliates to optimize their traffic from specific countries based on their conversion and retention seen in this report.

“We drill down to the smallest country so affiliates have all the info needed," Kijel added.

Lastly, affiliates now can see if they have traffic from smart TV, gaming consoles and mobile, tablets and desktop. With the increasing use of smart TV’s and gaming consoles this information can be of high importance, according to Streamate. Getting this data helps affiliates to focus on their best converting source and maximize that, so their payouts are bigger.

Cambuilder also provides stats per processor and per processing type so affiliates can tell if the revenue is coming from a one-click or direct traffic and how much money was made through a specific processor.

“We are improving our reporting based on the needs of our affiliates," Kijel said. "The feedback so far has been extremely positive. We have many more things coming in terms of new tools for creating white labels and also new input in the reporting.”

Cambuilder offers payouts for webcam white labels. Affiliates are offered multiple payout programs, including 35 percent revshare, which according to Kijel pays the most over time, but also $100 PPS, $40 CPL and combined programs for the affiliates that want to enjoy both worlds — $75 PPS+30 percent revshare and $30 CPL+30 percent revshare. Payouts are done weekly.

Cambuilder provides an automated tool to create white labels instantly with features to optimize design, layout, thumb style and size, logos, SEO and content.

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