XBIZ.net Intros ‘Ask Me Anything’ With Industry Experts

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ.net, the adult industry’s leading business community and social network, has announced its hosting of a “Ask Me Anything” discussion with industry leaders.

According to XBIZ.net Community Ambassador Jeff Dillon, the new AMA series will help to educate the community, serving as a platform enabling XBIZ.net members to learn from industry leaders and each other, and a valuable tool for asking questions that can help maximize success.

“To me it is very important for us to provide XBIZ.net users with an avenue to learn and discuss ideas, so AMA is a great way for anyone to ask an industry professional / veteran questions,” Dillon explains. “I know people that pay thousands of dollars for this kind of advice and access to people with knowledge about what it takes to build a successful business in our industry.”

Dillon, recipient of the 2015 XBIZ Executive Award for “Community Figure of the Year” for his work with GameLink.com, is regarded as one of the industry’s most accomplished executives, and also a natural choice for facilitating XBIZ.net’s first AMA.

The AMA takes the form of an individual discussion thread, and will feature a new expert every few weeks, representing various facets of the global adult industry.

The first installment features Twistys founder Shap.

“If you know Shap, you know he is a valuable source of info for our industry and a great guy,” Dillon told XBIZ. “He is no longer in our industry (retired), so he has no reason to hide any of his trade secrets or what made him so successful.”

An Internet entrepreneur since 1997, Shap ran his own company for 15 years, building a large traffic network with a focus on business growth and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, selling his company in 2011.

“[Shap] is a guy that started out as a successful affiliate and decided to build his own program instead of sending his valuable traffic to other networks,” Dillon added. “He has a great story and I think this will be a great start to our AMA series.”

With an expertise in affiliate marketing, lead generation, customer experience, customer relationship management, traffic monetization, billing systems, revenue growth and more, Shap possesses a wealth of insights, and his AMA session is proving immediately popular with XBIZ.net members, who have quickly put the discussion in the forum’s most active slot — with comments on why he decided to sell, the post-sale mental adjustments required of entrepreneurs who suddenly shift gears, what is the best approach to serving the industry today, and more.

To take part in Shap’s AMA, click here.