GameLink Offers Browser Extension to Block Political Postings

SAN FRANCISCO — GameLink today announced that it is offering a new browser extension that blocks political or election-related social media postings beginning the first week of May.

The extension will block all political postings viewed through social media platforms and replace them with pictures of puppies, baby pigs, kittens, and cats.

GameLink said the program was developed as another way to bring happiness and pleasure to consumers of the its e-tail store.

“With the presidential election coming up and all the other odd-year elections on the horizon, it’s safe to say we’re all going to be flooded with political postings on social media,” said Jeff Dillon, vice president of business development for,’s parent company.

He added, “To make things easier, we developed this browser extension that blocks all that political clutter and instead shows a cute picture of an animal.”

The browser extension can be downloaded by visiting and clicking on the browser extension button. Should the user change his or her mind and wish to see the political postings, they can switch off the extension.

“We all get a lot of election information everywhere we look, so this gives everyone a chance to stop wasting time sifting through a lot of repetitive postings and get back to important things like downloading great adult movies off,” Dillon quipped.