Xslurp Launches Online Community

LOS ANGELES — Xslurp.com has announced the launch of its online adult community, allowing users to post erotic content and write about their sexual encounters.

The site was created by adult industry veterans with experience in movies and social media technology, and allows users 18 years old or older to join for free, and also to upgrade to a premium membership for a low monthly or yearly fee.

To celebrate the launch, Xslurp is offering free, three-month premium memberships. Xslurp also plans to work with other partners in the adult industry to offer promotional discounts to its premium members, as a way of boosting the site’s value to its users.

Cindy, Xslurp’s head of community development, says that the site is not only aimed towards men, but intended for women as well.

“We look forward to having the women’s perspectives that help men better understand what a women wants [and] feel a woman should get as much satisfaction out of sex as a man would,” Cindy explains. “We want the site to revolutionize the world. We want the site to be fun for everyone and for everyone to interact.”

New users can now register and start updating their profile, posting anything from links to online videos to pictures and more.

“Right now, users can take advantage of premium features [such as] sending private messages to other users, creating groups and more,” Cindy adds, noting that “The site promotes sexual responsibility in the form of respecting everyone’s needs and wants and finding new [people] to play with in a safe manner.”

According to Xslurp VP of Marketing, Judd Davis, the company hopes to roll out a variety of features in the coming months, planning new updates to the site throughout the year.

“We plan to continuously work to enhance the user’s experience on the site,” Davis says. “[To make it] more engaging and more intimate for the people that like to flirt.”

“Xslurp wants everyone to join, from the regular everyday Joe, to porn stars, cam models, sex coaches and others,” Davis adds. “Xslurp’s platform allows anyone to join and promote what they like and what they are doing, and have people join in. With the group feature, users can control who joins, what type of group it is, create meet-ups and pretty much make the group the way they want.”

For more information, visit Xslurp.com.