Mercedes Carrera Graces Boxcover Of B. Skow's 'In The Flesh'

LOS ANGELES — Mercedes Carrera is featured on the box cover of Girlfriends Films' religious-themed film, "In The Flesh."

The B. Skow-directed movie tells the story of Christ-like figure Aman, who returns to earth after two millennia and tries to save humanity from itself by spreading the message of love and forgiveness and hot sex.

Carrera plays a second generation Tejano Latina whose relationships with her daughter and husband have grown cold, but thanks to the mystical hippie she reconnects with her family in the strangest way.

"It was such a blast to be part of 'In the Flesh,'" Carrera said. "I had a great time playing my character. Also, I got to fuck a hot dog, which was one of the most fun scenes I’ve shot to date. My sex scene with Dick Chibbles was great, and I love the entire cast and crew of this film."