Pop Singer Natash Koroleva Takes Legal Action Over Sex Tape

LONDON — Natash Koroleva, one of Russia's top pop singers, is taking legal action after a sex tape involving she and her husband surfaced online.

Koroleva said the video must have been stolen from her computer and is now suing the news website Super.ru that showed it.

The singer has asked a judge to force Moscow-based Super.ru to delete them and pay compensation for the "gross breach of my privacy," according to the Mirror.

She added: "I have nothing to be ashamed of, but this should be a criminal case. When someone is violating my rights in such a way, I go to court."

Koroleva is seen performing with sex toys and husband Sergey Glushko, a former male stripper who goes by the name “Tarzan.”

The Kiev, Ukraine-born Koroleva is a highly valued member of Russian President Vladimir Putin's political party and has been awarded an Honored Artist of Russia award, the Mirror said.

Koroleva’s sex tape, which continues to circle around the Internet, follows countless other celebrity sex tapes made popular through the years, including ones involving Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

Hilton’s celebrity sex tape, “1 Night in Paris,” popularized the genre in 2004.