CCBill: FlexForms Is Driving Results, Generating Positive Reviews

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill’s FlexForms payment system is not only gaining popularity with its merchants, the global processor’s execs said, it also is helping businesses manage their operations efficiently and driving more sales opportunities in the process.

A number of open beta participants have been successfully using FlexForms to create payment flows and drive sales, as indicated by feedback and comments, CCBill execs said. The system debuted in August.

“FlexForms is easy to work with and it gives new options,” said Richard Blank of AMR. “It has an easy to follow interface and the form itself works well. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Curt Johnson, owner of PWP adds, “I have been coding HTML since 1996 and PHP since 2005, but not everyone is savvy enough to handle complex coding for forms. FlexForms, with its intuitive nature, can be a big help when it comes to creating payment forms.”

J L Slater of CQ Productions LLC said he’s seeing positive results to the business’ bottom line. “CCBill’s FlexForms program has allowed us to expand our reach and create even more sales,” he said.

While the ability to create one payment flow that can include all payment types, all currencies, all languages and even multiple processors is a key component of FlexForms, all of its features are poised to help merchants achieve success, CCBill execs said.

Built-in A/B testing options enable side-by-side comparisons of different variables to see which colors, layout, price points, payment types, or banners work best. There are even options to test a FlexForms form against a legacy CCBill form or a form from a different processor. And the information gleaned from all of this testing can be used to help drive business growth, as whatever is working best can be optimized and presented to consumers.

Additionally, FlexForms’ globally responsive forms help put consumers at ease, as the form is presented properly on whichever device they are using at that moment with the correct localized checkout information for their region. However, it’s not just consumers that like responsive forms, CCBill execs said.

“I do really appreciate the new form design and responsive feature,” said Cristian Gold, president of Adult SiteRunner.

To see more about how FlexForms works, view this short introductory video.

FlexForms is currently available to any CCBill merchant. To begin using the forms, merchants can visit the FlexForms area within the CCBill Admin Portal. For more information, contact or call (800) 510-2859.