Cloud Blok Redefines VPS Hosting

LOS ANGELES — Internet services firm is redefining cloud-based VPS hosting through its introduction of “Bloks” — predefined modules that make setting up a web server easy and fast.

These Bloks include Linux distributions such as Centos, Debian, Fedora, Scientific, Suse and Ubuntu — plus admin and software solutions, such as cPanel and WordPress, for a high level of customization with just a single click. Cloud Blok plans on adding more Bloks in the future.

According to the company, web hosting has become an essential part of doing business today, but when many entrepreneurs begin developing their own website and turn to the topic of hosting, they are often overwhelmed by the challenges, learning curve and options.

In response, some website owners will endeavor to be true webmasters who figure out everything themselves, while others will seek a full service hosting provider. Others will want a combination of full flexibility, low cost and service — often turning to shared hosting as a result. While shared hosting may be a good option for those who do not have a demanding site or app, or who want something cheap and easy to learn, it is not the best option out there.

“You’re tying yourself to a huge list of rules and limitations and you will quickly have to find a solution that provides the freedom and stability you need to run your site properly,” explains a Cloud Block rep, adding “When time, pricing and knowledge are all key factors that are important to you, your next best solution is VPS / Cloud hosting [because] it is extremely flexible, powerful and price sensitive.”

The problem is that many website owners have no idea how to setup a Virtual Private Server, nor do they have staff capable of doing it. While there is the option of using fully managed hosting, this raises monthly costs significantly.

To solve this problem, Cloud Blok has released its cloud-based VPS solution, offering users a control panel for adding domains, email addresses, databases and more.

“Without a hosting control panel, the server would be as useless as a car without gas,” the rep notes. “This made us wonder how could we give the client control over the server in a way any one can understand.”

Cloud Blok’s solution was the use of one-click install scripts that allow control panels and other software to be installed with all the essential dependencies with just a few clicks.

“These little programs are called ‘Bloks,’ and they hold the key to giving people without any admin skills [the ability to setup] a production ready server,” the Cloud Blok rep explains. “In just a few clicks you go from no server, to a server with a hosting control panel and a script.”

Most customers reportedly choose Centos as their operating system, setting it up in several minutes, without touching the command line (SSH). A detailed guide is available for each of the control panels that Cloud Blok offers as a one click install, so users can simply click and start uploading their content — with the backing of a support team if help is needed.

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