TrafficHaus Expands Asian Traffic Portfolio

Rhett Pardon

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus says it has expanded its ad portfolio for traffic from the Far East.

As a result, TrafficHaus now is seeking new deals to secure a broader presence China and other select Asian countries with placement on all platforms — including mobile, tablet and desktop — with a competitive pricing structure.

TrafficHaus CEO Mark Bauman said that with CPMs ranging from .01 to .06, depending on location and placements, and accepting popunders/redirects at .40-.80CPM, the  irm is equipped to take on clients who have valuable Chinese and Asian traffic and make them more money.

“We have a valuable skill for building strong relationships through direct sales in a variety of markets, and expanding our reach into Asia is another tactical move toward developing a bulletproof portfolio,” Bauman said. “TrafficHaus is focused on monetizing traffic on a global scale and offering our clients the most valuable array of platforms and placements possible.

“We are actively seeking and accepting deals with clients who have Chinese and Asian traffic, and we look forward to hearing what the industry has to offer.”

Bauman said that TrafficHaus’ elevated adult ad serving platform allows publishers and advertisers greater control over their inventory, which makes it an ideal source for monetization of traffic coming from new and burgeoning regions.

The platform uses a variable CPM model with proprietary algorithms based on a self-serve live bidding platform.

For more information, email today.