'Letters Magazine' Goes Digital at LettersForPlay.com

NEW YORK — Letters Magazine has unveiled its new site, LettersForPlay.com.

The company said it has been digitizing more than 30 years of letters and artwork to create a comprehensive website.

“We have spent years going through file cabinets and old magazines unearthing tens of thousands of letters that were submitted to our magazine over a 30 year span. We have digitized them and tagged them with metadata so users can come onto our site and find exactly what they are looking for,” owner Jon Rosen said.

He added, “’Fifty Shades of Grey' was obviously the catalyst that brought this type of writing into the mainstream view over the last few years, but long before these books came out everyday people were writing their own fantasies and sending them to our magazine. Today, we are extremely proud of how we brought such an iconic magazine back to life and into the digital age, reaching a whole new generation of readers. Things change over time, but sex and fantasy are a constant.”

The site can be accessed on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.