TrafficForce Offers Carrier Targeting, Mobile Tracking

TORONTO — As mobile traffic continues to become more dominant, continues to add even greater targeting control for users of its ad platform.

According to the company, it now offers more than 12 billion premium ad impressions per month for media buyers. Its newest feature upgrade includes detailed carrier targeting and a whole new range of options when targeting mobile websites.

“TrafficForce advertisers can now drill down to target Wi-Fi or WAP users, and even more specifically, can also target individual phone networks in more than 45 countries globally,” said Ross of, who explains that Carrier Targeting is a huge benefit to media buyers because of the diversity of products in the mobile market space. “It’s a well known fact that certain products perform a lot better in different carrier networks, with some offering higher payouts, and we are pleased to make this option available across our entire network for our clients.”

As the number of mobile device manufacturers, dealers, networks and carriers continued to grow, there is even more money to be made by fine-tuning advertising campaigns to appeal to demographically different audiences. Beyond differences in locations, these audiences also have individual tastes and purchasing cues, which can become easier to target as part of a pool of prospects that share a common carrier choice or device preference.

Putting that level of customer targeting accuracy into full effect requires access to the tools and features that TrafficForce provides platform-wide for media buyers and publishers.

“In each country around the globe, or any neighborhood of your own local region, TrafficForce provides all of the tools and features you need to earn the most from every ad placement,” Ross concludes, noting that the company’s ad platform provides premium traffic that users can custom-tailor to each of their upcoming marketing campaigns.

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