Webmaster Central to Offer New Mobile App

Bob Johnson

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Buoyed by recent adult industry awards including 2015 XBIZ “Best Content Provider,” Webmaster Central is vowing to win the technology war by offering its clients more services including a new mobile app.

According to founder and CEO AndyA, the wins are a validation of the company’s culture of embracing the latest technologies in video delivery.

“That [XBIZ] was a big win in Los Angeles because a lot of well known companies were up for that category, big names,” AndyA said. “We beat out companies like Hustler, SexEntertain, Adult Centro and Pink Visual to win that award, and those guys are big players. Of course we’ve been around for a long time too and that counts for something, but what really sets us apart is we’re not just a content company. Yes we have fantastic HD content from just about every niche, but we also do everything in our power to put the latest technologies to work for our clients.”

Although the company is guarded about some of its plans, it teased the mobile app supply service for a demographic that the company said "keeps on growing."

“The surge of mobile app users is real, and we’re planning to help all Webmaster Central clients cash in on it,” AndyA said. “We’ll be giving our clients their own mobile app that they can offer to their customers for download. It’s another way our clients will be able to expand their reach to more serious adult entertainment fans, the kind of fans who are willing to pay for content online.”

The company said it sees opportunities in the upcoming business summits in Phoenix and Barcelona to start pressing its technology advantage. Although its reps have been touting the benefits of its full-service leased content model for years, it hopes the recent wins can provide a platform to reach even more adult online business owners.

“When I got started in adult, if someone wanted to build adult websites they pretty much had to do everything on their own,” AndyA said.

He added, “Today’s websites are a lot more advanced and complicated, especially when streaming video comes into the picture. You can still do it all on your own, but you’re going to pay a huge premium in terms of manpower, time and financial resources. Using a system like Webmaster Central is really a bit like pulling your content from the cloud. No more worrying about servers, CDNs, software licensing, hiring video experts, optimizing for mobile, updating content or entering it all into a CMS. Once you’re set up, it just works so you can go focus on marketing your business. ”

To arrange for a free demo, email sales@webmastercentral.com.