'Courtney Trouble's Trans Lesbians' Releases

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — TroubleFilms has released "Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians," featuring five raw, hardcore scenes imbued with a trans-postive porn ethos.

The title stars Bailey Jay, Chelsea Poe and Feminist Porn Awards Heartthrob of the Year Drew Deveaux.

"I think its really important for porn in the future to depict trans women in lesbian relationships to provide some much needed visibility," said Chelsea Poe in an interview for Fleshbot "A majority of trans women are attracted to other women, and so often it’s glossed over in porn or shown in a very unrealistic way. This film stands in sharp contrast to that."

"Porn reflects the desires and dreams of our social and sexual world, and it’s important to recognize when certain people aren’t there or when others may be only represented in a way that fetishizes them,” Drew Deveauz said. “I started making porn so that the rest of the world could see that these babes existed."

"I wish films like this were around when I was a kid figuring stuff out," Deveaux continued. "If showing that we actually exist was the work of the last decade, then showing that we can also be really hot is what is needed now. This film, I think, does this pretty well. It’s a proud and playful affront to stigma."

Director Courtney Trouble weighed in, "There’s a chance to create a whole new porn genre here, one that depicts genuine lesbian pleasure and genuine trans sexuality. It’s very, very different from what the industry standard pornographers make in the trans genre, and I’m so honored to participate." 

"Courtney Trouble's Trans Lesbians" is now out and available.