Has Bit Part in 'The Interview'

Rhett Pardon

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Vivid Entertainment received some product placement in “The Interview,” the Sony Pictures screenplay that portrays a fictional assassination of the reclusive North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

The product placement can be viewed for a fraction of a second, but the visual — the web page — is clear.

Forty-one minutes into "The Interview," a scene shows a CIA agent remotely launching an airdrop to North Korea that includes two strips of ricin destined for Aaron Rapoport (actor Seth Rogan), who is assigned to assassinate Un.

The CIA agent, while he pushes a button to launch the airdrop from a metal trailer at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base, has his eyes on something else — an adjacent computer screen offering the website.

The product placement coup for Vivid is another noteworthy one for the Universal City, Calif.-based studio and its outgoing co-owner and founder, Steven Hirsch.

Hirsch, upon hearing about the placement in “The Interview,” told XBIZ: "We agree with the CIA's choice of as their preferred website for porn."

Sony Pictures officials declined comment on the placement.