Yareel Entertainment Launches 3D Multi-Player Sex Game for Android

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Yareel Entertainment Ltd has just released a beta Android version of its browser-based 3D sex and dating game on Yareel.com.

According to the company, the game represents the first Android application with a 3D sex simulator that can be played with other “real people.”

The project, which represents a total investment of $500K, is expected to reach one million users by the end of 2015.

Anyone with an Android device can download the Yareel application from the Yareel.com.

“The main advantage of the Android app is the possibility of installing a wide variety of adult sex games, porno and more, which is only currently possible on Android,” a rep said. 

The rep noted that there is an exclusive porn application store for Android, Mikandi.com. 

In the game, players can dress up, chat, meet up with friends or randomly chosen players, seduce each other, use straight sex (including group options like MMF and MFF), or gay/lesbian sex.

Yareel.com uses a free-to-play monetization model, so players can play for free, or purchase a VIP package for further pleasurable enjoyment.

Yareel Entertainment reports that it has decreased prices for VIP packages on Android devices. VIP subscriptions are available for $2.50/month or $29.90/year.

For more information, contact Max Deleske at inbox@yareel.com.