Bacchus Entertainment Launched as '1st Bitcoin-Only Website'

LOS ANGELES — Niche indie content producer Bacchus Entertainment has launched claiming it’s the world’s first bitcoin-only adult membership website.

Husband and wife team creators Dennis and Saffron Bacchus said they went with the cryptocurrency because it allows them to keep the membership price low as there are no merchant fees, they don't have to censor fetish videos to please credit card companies’ moral policies, and because bitcoin is fast, secure, and offers user anonymity as it doesn’t appear on a credit card bill.

In a Reddit post, Saffron said, “Dennis and I wanted to make a new membership site that would be better than our C4S [streaming] membership site, as well as include a ton of free content. We designed it to be a one-stop-shop for all of our content in one place as well as a way to hang out with you guys.

"This is actually the first bitcoin only porn membership site in the world and I'm so excited to finally share it with you guys. We've been working really hard to get everything up on it and it's finally ready.”

The producers are also accepting bitcoin for all sales including custom video commissions, used panties, etc.

“I think 2015 is going to be huge for bitcoin so I think it's time to stop getting screwed over by credit companies and just go 100 percent on bitcoin,” Saffron said.

Bacchus hopes the industry starts to catch on "to the freedom that is bitcoin." “We’ve had so many issues with banks and payment processors just because what we do is a little too taboo for some people, so bitcoin really changed everything for us. The problem is that the credit card companies don’t allow for a lot of the types of videos I like to make, like intoxication, taboo, bondage, etc.,” Saffron said.

She added that when the company first signed up with a credit card processor it went through her whole catalog and flagged half of her clips for being inappropriate according to their imaginary guidelines, forcing her to take down her store.

“Now, I can post up anything I want, anything my fans want, and no one can say anything or stop a payment from going through.”

Membership to the site costs $10 and gives users the entire Clips4Sale catalog, short story erotica catalog, and access to Pornhub videos, photos, BTS scenes and blog posts.