MiKandi Debuts New Android Game '8 Bit Dick'

Rhett Pardon

SEATTLE — MiKandi announced this week that it has launched "8 Bit Dick: Adventures of a Retro Pornstar," an all-new, original game developed exclusively for its adult app store.

Following the successful release of the company’s first game, "Fap Ninja," the game offers a new take on the "8-bit" genre with "hilarious retro porn shoot levels, quirky humor, sexy power ups and more," MiKandi reps said.

"Lead character Richard Bit, aka 8 Bit Dick, takes the retro porn industry by storm in this pixelated adventure. After Richard’s huge 8 bit ‘potential’ is discovered on set, he’s catapulted from Average Joe to porn superstardom in eight side-splitting parody porn shoots with the industry’s sexiest co-stars," according to MiKandi.

MiKandi customers can purchase "8 Bit Dick" for only 99 MiKandi Gold (99 cents USD).  A trial version is also available as a free download here.

"Hot on the heels of 'Fap Ninja,' MiKandi’s first venture into mobile game development, '8 Bit Dick' is a significant next step in the company’s commitment to offering quality games for adults," MiKandi reps said. "With more adult games coming soon from MiKandi and respected game developers worldwide, the MiKandi Adult App Store is the source for the best adult games on Android."