Harriet Sugarcookie Discusses New U.K. Laws

VENICE, Calif. — Harriet Sugarcookie is just a British beauty in the U.K. who happens to have won some acclaim as a cam star, but she is worried that new laws going into effect in the U.K. could put a damper on her fun.

While Harriet has never done anything that a sane-minded person would find offensive, she nonetheless finds it concerning that the government would be talking of blocking porn sites, pressuring ISPs to force people to opt-in to receive it, and has now banned some acts altogether.

Now, the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014, an amendment to the 2003 Communications Act, bans British pornographers from shooting a long list of things, including spanking, female ejaculation, face-sitting, fisting and much more. These acts can still be viewed legally, but the content would have to be shot in other countries.

As with other producers big and small in the U.K., Harriet is very worried. She is concerned that this is a stepping-stone to closing down the U.K. adult industry or at least sanitizing it so that only “acceptable” sex is shown instead of the real sex people enjoy, which is very diverse. She doesn’t see why extreme sex should be a crime once you decide to film it and wonders if the laws apply to amateurs, too, or only to those making money from it?

“I haven’t done any of the banned things on camera yet and now I guess I won’t be able to, either,” Harriet said. “It really takes on the British porn industry as a whole, handcuffing it, ironically.”

“I’m really proud of the U.K. adult industry and this is going to have a huge impact. The scariest side is that this is basically the government telling us what is morally acceptable and what the limits are, where the line is drawn, what’s too much and what’s too extreme,” Harriet adds. “They got to do this without them asking anyone and they are betting on no one calling against it because it’s porn.”

“It’s a really stupid law passed by ignorant, old-fashioned people who shouldn’t have the power to do this without a public vote,” she concludes.

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