Hookup App Mixxxer Reports 250,000 Users

LOS ANGELES — Recently launched hookup app Mixxxer is ending 2014 on a high note, reporting a fast and vigorous uptake by carnal consumers.

According to the company, the location-based adults-only mobile sex finder is quickly becoming popular with swingers and the sexually adventurous — so much so that the app has now hit a new milestone — attracting more than 250,000 registered users to the online hookup service since its introduction in July.

Introduced as a racy response to the glut of available dating apps, the publishers of the free, web-based Mixxxer app credit positive word-of-mouth advertising during the past five months for keeping the app’s growth steady.

For those seeking additional features, a premium membership is available.

“Thanksgiving marked a special occasion for Mixxxer by hitting the quarter-million member mark,” said Mixxxer founder Michael Manes. “We were approaching it that week, and due to a surprising spike in activity over the holiday, we managed to break through 250,000 members.”

“We always thought holidays would be slow, but we saw an increase in traffic to the site throughout the day,” Manes added. “I’m guessing the day off work and holiday downtime contributed to the increase.”

Manes says that Mixxxer prides itself on its unique features, which are unavailable on other apps, such as the special privacy filter and its “shower door” feature, plus a lack of restrictions in photo messaging and posting, so that users can get as steamy and explicit as they like within the safety of the website and without inhibitions.

“I consider hitting the 250,000 member mark a major milestone. That’s 250,000 members in just the United States,” Manes concludes. “It takes years for most websites to see the numbers we’ve reached; we are seeing consistent growth and just beginning to explore expansion outside the U.S.”

For more information, visit Mixxxer.com.