X Industry Jobs To Launch New Website

LOS ANGELES — X Industry Jobs has announced its plans to roll out a new, interactive website in mid-January.

The new site will have several features not seen before on XIJ’s site.

One new feature, the Anonymous Resume Builder, allows those seeking a job to build an online "anonymous resume." The ARB uses a series of questions to glean useful information about the candidate without revealing their identity. These resumes will then be searchable on the site by prospective employers.

“This is a great feature for those that are looking for work, but need to keep it confidential,” a release stated. 

Additionally, there will be a feature that allows users to send their resumes via LinkedIn.

Alongside the new resume capabilities, X Industry Jobs will also start accepting advertisers to the website starting in January.

X Industry Jobs will have a table at the upcoming XBIZ 360 event series, from Jan. 13-16. There the team will be doing live demonstrations of the new website.

For more info, visit XIndustryJobs.info.