Jessica Drake Feature Dancing in Baltimore

LOS ANGELES — Adult star and sexual wellness author Jessica Drake will be feature dancing at Baltimore, Maryland's Fantasies Nightclub, Dec. 11-13.

"I only feature a handful of times a year, but when I do, I pick my favorite clubs,” Drake said. “Fantasies just did a huge renovation, and I can't wait to be on their stage and in your laps."

She added, I will be doing lots of free giveaways, and people will get the opportunity to have one of my world famous lap dances. So don't miss out on the chance to get very up-close and personal with me."

Wicked DVDs, Jessica Drake Fleshlights and other merchandise will also be available.

The venue is located at at 5520 Pennington Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland. For show times and directions, call the club at (410) 354-1217.