ModelCentro Integrates Paid Call Service

LOS ANGELES — ModelCentro has announced its integration of a service that enables members and fans to communicate directly with models safely and discreetly.

The paid fan site platform added the option of phone services to sites within the ModelCentro network, allowing for pay-per-minute phone call income to be generated, after determining that such a feature could have a substantial effect on increasing models’ overall revenue.

The call software uses third-party server numbers to transfer paid calls to recipients and connects the call without revealing either phone number while sufficiently tracking the time of each call for accurate billing.

ModelCentro models can include call widgets on their websites and are given full control to set their desired pay-per-minute rate, as well as determine when they are available to accept calls based upon their personal schedule. 

“This feature will undoubtedly increase the income of those models who choose to implement and actively promote it through the likes of social networks, as such a service offering has proven to be profitable for decades long before the Internet came about and continues to do so to this day,” said ModelCentro’s founder Stan D’Aman. “And when you provide adoring fans the ability to personally interact with the model that they desire, they are happy to be charged a pay-per-minute rate for that one-on-one experience.”

“Our models’ earnings and security are of utmost importance to us,” D’Aman added. “So we’re excited to integrate this service into our platform.”

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