Takedown Piracy Presents Exclusive Antipiracy Tool

LOS ANGELES — Takedown Piracy has announced the release of an exclusive new digital fingerprinting program as a value-added application for its Nemesis antipiracy tool.

According to Takedown Piracy, during the beta-testing phase of the digital fingerprinting program, the company was able to verify the accuracy of the digital fingerprints by identifying the copyright holder of hundreds of thousands of videos violating copyright laws on tube sites. Combined with Nemesis, which analyzes tube sites to pinpoint videos likely to be infringing on copyrights, the tool “virtually assures” that pirated material will be found and reported.

“I want to stress how big of a game changer this is in the fight against piracy,” says Takedown Piracy owner Nate Glass, regarding the digital fingerprinting program.  “With this weapon, we will be able to ensure content from our studio partners will not appear on pirate tube sites.”

Available to all content creators, including DVD producers, paysites, and webcam sites that want to track their content online, the digital fingerprinting program is a separate service Takedown Piracy is offering to its clients for an additional fee.

Glass says that the digital fingerprinting program is different than any previously attempted in the adult industry because it is completely independent and works on any tube site Takedown Piracy applies it to. 

“Previously the adult industry tried to use a form of fingerprinting requiring tube sites to voluntarily take part in it,” states Glass. “This is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. Now, we are able to dictate the terms, so we don’t have to rely on the moral conscience of pirates and tube sites.”

Takedown Piracy currently has the program set up to be implemented on 52 actual source tube sites — not just clone tubes using embedded clips — with more sites to be targeted in the future. The program is designed solely for detection and removal of infringing content from tube sites and search engines, such as Google. 

“I’ve never believed in partnering with tube sites — it’s a deal with the Devil,” Glass explains. “Too often copyright holders have tried to monetize piracy by searching for a middle ground with the tube sites.  At the end of the day, the tube sites make more money from pirated content than trying to monetize a promotional trailer.”

“Because of this, the tubes will never have enough incentive to totally clean up their act,” Glass adds. “This new digital fingerprinting program gives content creators the power back.”

Glass will be available to demonstrate how the digital fingerprints work to adult content producers at January’s XBIZ 360 event in Los Angeles.

Takedown Piracy notes that it actively tracks at least nine different ways that content may be pirated, including cyberlockers, torrent sites, tube sites, auctioned or unauthorized DVD resellers, search engines, image hosts, blogs, forums and social media, for comprehensive content protection.

For more information, visit TakedownPiracy.com.