Alex Lecomte Joins JuicyAds' Team

Bob Johnson

CANADA — JuicyAds announced today the addition of Alex Lecomte to the advertising network’s team.

Lecomte comes to the company with four years of experience in the adult traffic sector — two as an account manager for a large ad network,  and two in business development and marketing for a popular mobile company.

“I think JuicyAds is one of the best-positioned companies in our industry: robust technology, smart and highly knowledgeable people, a friendly atmosphere and profitable results,” Lecomte said. “I am very excited and honored to be invited by Jay to join this dream team.”

Juicy Jay, CEO of JuicyAds said he has been impressed with Lecomte’s performance over the last few years and watched him flourish in his other jobs. Lecomte is being eyed to spearhead Juicy’s aggressive initiatives in the Latin American market.

“Alex is a highly-regarded executive in the industry and we are thrilled that he has chosen to join the JuicyAds family. When I sat down to talk with him and go through the process of finding out if he was right for us, I found his charm and professionalism far beyond what I expected. His wide language skills, multiple academic degrees, and experience in traffic and advertising is hidden behind his modesty and approachable personality. He simply loves traffic,” Jay said.

Lecomte noted that he is confident that he too will be successful in delivering the best solutions and care to his clients.

“I am very happy and proud to be part of this. Over the years JuicyAds has proven that they can close great deals and have fun at the same time. And that is precisely the spirit that makes JuicyAds the sexy advertising network and has fostered the notion of the Juicy lifestyle,” Lecomte said.