Pornhub Brings 'All You Need is Hand' Billboard to L.A.

LOS ANGELES —’s billboard has found a new home on the Sunset Strip’s Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. after it was booted from its original home in New York City’s Time Square. 

The ad depicts two hands making the shape of a heart with a tagline that reads “All You Need is Hand” — a play on the Beatles’ popular song, “All You Need is Love."

An enormous 54’x48’ billboard was erected in Times Square on Oct. 7, but was removed the very next day after the Hilton DoubleTree hotel on which it was affixed complained. 

"While Pornhub could not find another location in Times Square to erect its billboard, it did find a location in L.A.," a PornHub representative told L.A. Weekly.

The L.A. ad went up on the Standard Hotel on the iconic Sunset Strip on Monday and so far has not generated complaints.    

The ad’s design was the result of Pornhub’s Creative Director Contest a few months back, according to a company official, and cost about $100,000 to erect in NYC.

The contest and its resulting design is meant to represent Pornhub’s ongoing mainstream push and the beginnings of an SFW ad campaign — though some apparently are not convinced it makes the "safe" grade.