Webmaster Central Offers Free Google Chromecast Consultations

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central, a leading source for leased adult video content, recently added tight integration between its leased content services and Google’s Chromecast technology, a tool that is already used by mainstream platforms like Netflix and HBO GO. 

To help adult companies learn how they can expand their reach through Google Chromecast and Webmaster Central content, the company is now offering a free review and consultation to both existing and prospective clients.

“Chromecast provides a means for consumers to stream content from an online source like a website straight from their computer to their preferred device, like a smartphone or TV box,” explained AndyA, CEO of Webmaster Central. “There is a whole lot of potential for adult companies to ride Chromecast to bigger profits by giving consumers additional viewing choices.”

Webmaster Central reports that one of its goals is to help clients take the work out of integrating the latest technologies with adult video content. By taking advantage of the company’s free review and consultation offer, clients and prospective clients can get advice from Webmaster Central’s staff on how Chromecast can work in their particular cases.

“If you’re interested in offering your visitors the ability to stream content from your website straight to another device of their choosing — and consumers really do prefer to have options — get in touch with our sales team and they can help you understand this technology and how it works,” added AndyA.  “Webmaster Central is the only content provider in the adult space that gives webmasters the flexibility to turn a small start-up site into a technological powerhouse.”

For more information about the free consultation offer, contact sales@webmastercentral.com.