AdultEmpire Offers DigiFlixxx System

WARRENDALE, Penn. — AdultEmpire is taking a page out of the mainstream playbook by bringing its customers a “buy once, watch anywhere” distribution model, which it calls DigiFlixxx.

AdultEmpire is a 17-year-old Internet-based adult technology company specializing in web, video and retail sales.

According to the company, the launch of DigiFlixxx marks a first in the adult industry, by granting consumers the choice to watch their purchased DVDs and Blu-rays anywhere, and on any device, by adopting a similar approach to Hollywood’s UltraViolet initiative.

“Modern consumers expect to be able to take their films with them,” says Colin Allerton, AdultEmpire’s Director of Business Development. “DigiFlixxx allows consumers to buy a movie once, then instantly stream it anywhere and on any of their favorite media devices.”

“With the DigiFlixxx library, we’re satisfying consumer demand for unfettered access to their purchases,” Allerton adds. “Additionally, your unique DigiFlixxx code grants you access to extras, behind the scenes, and additional bonus footage that simply would not fit onto a conventional DVD or Blu-ray disc.”

Allerton says that the importance of choice to the adult customer in the market today cannot be overstated, so to this end, AdultEmpire is making the DigiFlixxx technology available to all adult studios, free of charge, so that every producer can now offer a digital version of their films to any customer who buys a physical copy of it.

“For the adult retail industry to continue to flourish, we need to make technologies like this available to all the adult content producers out there,” Allerton concludes. “We’re not going to revolutionize customer satisfaction by keeping this to ourselves.”

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