Web Cam Performer Pens Piece for LA Weekly

LOS ANGELES — A former web cam performer known as SophieX penned a first-person experience piece for LA Weekly about her time in the industry.

In the piece, “I Was a Web Cam Performer,” SophixX describes her motivations for getting into camming, what she experienced during her stint, and her eventual decision to leave it altogether.

“I started camming during a state of burnout,” she writes. “It was a combination of some sane reasons (easy money, working from home, etc.) and some not so sane ones — the desire to attain control, my fucked up drive to delve into dark things, and perhaps as a way to exercise my hyper sexuality. Desensitization has always been one of my favorite pasttimes; this was not my first foray into sex work. Webcamming, however, is a whole different animal.”

During her stint as a cam performer, SophieX performed mostly fetish- and niche-oriented shows  — including belly fetish and small penis humiliation — from her apartment in Echo Park.

She left when the novelty and eroticism wore off:  “That day, my hypersexual drive burned out which, I suspect, is what I'd been looking for the whole time. I was done.”

To read the piece in full, click here