James Deen Inks Distro Deal With Girlfriends Films

VALENCIA, Calif. — Beginning Dec. 1, James Deen Productions will be distributed by Girlfriends Films.

According to director, performer and producer James Deen, the idea is to create a one-stop shop for all Deen-related products.

“Girlfriends Films will serve as the official home for James Deen Productions,” James Deen told XBIZ in a recent interview. “They will be distributing all of my adult films, in addition to packages in the works involving my T-shirts and all my products through JamesDeenStore.com.”

Deen said he and Girlfriends Films President Moose have known each other for years, and have often discussed the possibility of teaming up for a distribution deal.

“I respect him a lot as a business man and I really respect his honesty and his transparency,” Deen said of Moose. “We have a unilateral vision of my company and where it is going and how it should be placed and represented, so I feel very comfortable.”

The entire catalogue of James Deen Productions will be migrating over from its old home at Evil Angel on amicable terms.

“I think Evil is a great company and I was happy to have them working for me,” he said. “They did a great job and I was happy to employ them. It was just time for me to move on.”

Through Girlfriends, Deen believes he can reach a wider audience and better cultivate his unique brand.

While James Deen Productions is moving, Deen underscores that content-wise he intends to keep everything the same.

“I intend to keep the same level of quality and eroticism and other twisted, bizarre concepts I come up with,” Deen said. “I want to keep the same standards for my company; I have no desire to change anything.”

The studio is prolific, producing 20 scenes a month, while aiming to grow to 35 scenes and around 3-4 DVDs a month by mid-2015. JamesDeen.com members enjoy daily updates. To help keep up with the ever-increasing content demand, Deen will soon be bringing on new directors with visions cohesive to his and top-notch production standards.

Fans can look forward to the upcoming re-release of Deen’s “Seven Sins” series as an epic eight-disc DVD box set. Each “Sin” will get its own disc, and the eighth will be reserved for bonus features.

Mega fans can mega rejoice because Deen plans to offer a limited collector’s edition run of the box set with special high-end packaging and “a bunch of extra goodies,” he said. He anticipates that only 100 or 150 will be released.  

Those interested in these projects and others soon to be announced need only look as far as Girlfriends. 

“The deal is done,” Deen said. “If you want anything from James Deen Productions just go to Girlfriends, and they’ll hook you up.”